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Cyber Security/Information Assurance

We are a trusted partner to the Department of Defense and many federal agencies engaged in preventing and responding to cyber-attacks, and unauthorized use and potential threats to information system performance.

Enterprise Operations and Maintenance

Our highly skilled technical experts provide the support to ensure enterprise systems function at peak performance, security and reliability.

Shipboard Systems Design, Integration, Testing, Maintenance, Logistics and Training

From legacy communications to the latest innovations in wireless technology to navigation and weapons targeting, we understand that every system on a U.S. ship is mission critical. We bring you “Exceptional”-rated experience in designing, integrating, training, and supporting/maintaining complex IT systems that serve as the “brains” for U.S. ships sailing into harm’s way.

Electronic Systems Engineering Support

Our deeply experienced and multi-faceted team will coordinate with multiple engineers, often working from different locations, coordinate concurrent work, and provide your entire engineering staff with everything they need to succeed individually and to work together seamlessly.

Application Development

Go mobile! As in, make it easy to access your agency via mobile phone. An app makes any website or online process faster and streamlined for your users.

Data Management and Logistics Data Warehousing

We have the extensive capabilities and technical expertise to aggregate big data from multiple sources into optimized data warehouses. Our process removes assets from the transactional database, making it more searchable and freeing up valuable resources to focus on other tasks.

Enterprise Information Systems

Our team possesses the extensive knowledge and experience to perform system-administrator functions, train your staff and support your entire system to ensure maximum uptime, performance, accessibility, reliability, and security.

Technical Training and Support

At the foundation of our team are very experienced technicians who can train your personnel in virtually any aspect of any IT system with patience, authority and responsive, respectful follow-up.

Physical Inventory Management and Warehousing Control

Something about an ability to manage Government and Contractor furnished property, resulting in no losses and always on time delivery, wherever on earth the items are required.

Video and Surveillance Technology

Our team deploys cutting-edge equipment, trains your personnel, and provides real-time support by ensuring a presentation goes off without a hitch to validating your video material is secure and accessible to only a chosen audience.